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Margaret - About ME

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My Favorites

"we do not remember days; we remember moments".

Memories are just that, moments that take our breath away.
Those moments when you close your eyes and soak it all in.
Those moments when nothing else matters
but that moment in time.
It is these moments in life that inspire my work.
Inspire me to pick up the camera and capture life and love for truly how it was in that moment.

Hello I'm so honored you are here visiting my site I am based in Vermont but I LOVE to travel so don't hesitate to contact me for any near and far event! I specialize in wedding photography. I value each and every one of my client relationships and take the time to get to know you! I feel really blessed to be able to observe and capture the natural and unique interactions that unfold within the session in a relaxed and totally fun environment! I love communicating and collaborating throughout the entire planning process and beyond. My clients become more than just the people I photograph, they become friends.

To contact me with ANY questions or to book a session/event
(or just to say hello!),
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